Liturgical Lessons

Each week you will see on the Welcome page the following versions:

7 UPs with El Paso PadreProtestantEpiscopal 

7 UPs with El Paso Padre is the Catholic Liturgical Lesson for the upcoming Sunday’s Mass with Father Jack Vessels comments concerning During the Day and About Prayer which is something that he did when assigned to the Vatican.  7 UPs meet Fr. Vessels in 1997 when the 7 UPs Founder (Les Washington) went on a retreat at St. Ignatius House where Fr. Vessels was the Spiritual Director.  7 UPs started a Wednesday morning 7 UPs meeting at Fr. Vessels suggestion.
Protestant liturgical lessons are used in many of the Protestant faith (Presbyterians, Methodist, and etc.) Each lesson is for the upcoming Sunday.  This gives 7 UPpers an opportunity to think about the upcoming readings before church service on Sunday so that they can get more out of the pastor’s sermon.
Episcopal liturgical lessons are similar to both the Catholic and Protestant versions and is usually longer than the others.

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